Virtual CXO

Virtual CXO – Trusted Business Advisor

Practice Area – Risk Management/Compliance/Cost Cutting/IT Spend

TARGET MARKET:  Chief Officers of Fortune 500 Companies


  • Implement/review 5-year technology road map
  • Establish enterprise software licensing strategies to align with vendor product road maps
  • IT procurement best practices
  • Mission critical contract negotiations
  • Corporate & Regulatory compliance assessments
  • Remedial contract services
  • Development & implementation of standard form contracts
  • Development & implementation of standard form addenda for vendor-supplied contracts
  • Integration of Vendor Management Practices with overall IT Due Diligence program


  • Maximize corporate assets
  • Mitigate the risks of licensing computer software
  • Avoid multiple contracts with vendors and understand both the positive and negative impact on your enterprise having multiple contracts with a single vendor
  • Utilize the purchasing power of your entire enterprise (globally)
  • Pre and post merger remedial contract services
  • Enterprise wide training and consultative (subscription) programs for your organization’s executives with board, management and/or legal responsibilities for areas that are unfamiliar to them or for which they require additional support without the cost of adding full time staff (Please call for further details)


These are services designed to review contracts with an eye towards matching your organization’s business objectives and technology innovations to IT contracts for services, software and hardware that will support those goals.

Business objectives include:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Consolidate, winnow and/or renegotiate with vendors to better align your organization’s near and long terms plans
  • Realign your organization’s vendor relations and contracts following mergers, acquisitions or divestitures for optimal results
  • Review and re-negotiate contracts as necessary to ensure that your existing contract portfolio remains relevant to your business for continued growth and competitiveness within your relevant market sectors