C-Level Services

Our success lies in our ability to structure deals that reflect customized concessions from major IT vendors to better suit each of our clients’ unique needs. Our deal structuring provides for the development, negotiation and ongoing measurement of information technology contracts. Our services contain costs, capture IT savings (past, present and future) and ensure the best terms possible for our clients.

Levy LeGette’s work with vendors’ standard form agreements and their “mutations” from customer to customer makes us an invaluable resource to our clients operating across multiple vertical markets, in both public and private sectors, and for variably sized enterprises. Our team’s individual working relationships with vendors, often spanning several decades, ensure that the negotiation process moves ahead smoothly.

Our “competitors” are technology vendors and their large account resellers (LARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), asset management and cost containment specialists, IT strategy consultants and research firms. What sets us apart from these firms is our commitment to operate 100% free of conflicts of interest. We are not aligned with, nor are we affiliates of the vendors that we sit across the table from on behalf of our clients. We do not receive compensation from them for the sale of their products or services. This neutrality has been, and will continue to be, the key to our success and a major consideration for any enterprise in need of an impartial, highly successful organization to act as their advocate.

Software licensing in particular is an area that requires not only a deep understanding of the treatment of intellectual property but a thorough knowledge of the IT industry, its leaders, their practices and the concessions they have granted their customers globally. We assist companies in structuring, negotiating and maintaining software licensing transactions. Our expertise and contracting skills, the sheer dollar volume of the deals we have negotiated, our client base, and the concessions we have achieved for them, sets us far ahead of and apart from other service providers in this field.

Levy LeGette resources have provided substantial savings and risk avoidance for many clients—large and small. In addition to lower price points, higher discounts, and other compensation from vendors, Levy LeGette ensures its clients will be provided greater flexibility, protection and measurable savings throughout the term of their contracts. We ensure continued support of our clients’ needs from their vendors by negotiating terms and conditions designed to ensure enough margin for vendors to provide goods and services at negotiated levels.

Savings realized by our services can range from 20% to 70% depending on the product/service category, vendor, and contract status (existing or new). The savings are meaningful enough to impact a corporation’s bottom line, jump-start or restart projects that may have been put on hold, hire staff, train existing staff or, re-invest in programs and activities that ensure that a company remains relevant in today’s challenging global market.