Full Contract Portfolio Review

Overview of Full Service Engagement

A Full Service IT Engagement involves a broad spectrum of our services relating to the negotiation or renegotiation of technology agreements between our clients and third parties.

Full Service IT Engagements include (but are not limited to): benchmarking, contract review, contract construction, contract negotiation, conflict resolution, license audit, license compliance confirmation (one-time and on-going) and failed audit resolution.

Although most components of a Full Service IT Engagement are available as standalone services, a typical Full Service IT Engagement would take shape as follows:

Phase I – Perform Asset Discovery & Data Normalization throughout the entire portfolio

Phase II – Evaluate the Landscape and Reporting Processes

Phase III – Audit & Report

Phase IV – Contract Negotiations
Assuming that a qualified vendor and/or technology has been identified as a result of using procurement/purchasing guidelines and/or procedures, the commencement of negotiations begins following the steps outlined in Phases I – III, and will address basic business terms and conditions as well as the following:

Phase V – Preparation of Contract Documents for Review & Execution