Mission Statement

Markets have been undergoing dramatic changes, cutting across regulations, technology, competition and new products – making it imperative that companies in each market sector quickly begin preparation to embrace these sweeping challenges in the most effective and expeditious way.

All businesses need to do a lot more in terms of operational and organizational restructuring with fewer resources than they’ve ever had at their disposal. Cloud Computing and Virtualization will demand that more decisions, and attention will be focused on the dramatic licensing changes that will go hand in hand with those services and platforms.  Without understanding, mitigating and avoiding the risks that these technologies pose, C-level executives will be flying blind through a storm of incomprehensible proposals, vendor demands, vendor audits and technology purchases, many of which are likely to be made based on fear and doubt.  What is required is a solid grasp of relevant issues, a deep understanding of IP law, business management and hands-on experience dealing with vendors and their negotiating tactics.

The effects of not remaining current and relevant in both business AND the technologies that support those businesses will be a continued loss of capital.  It takes professionals with decades of experience to actually deliver meaningful results, on time and to the bottom line.  How do we do that?  We learn like anyone else learns, with the difference that we are exposed to more vendor offers across multiple markets and varying sized companies many times each month.  We are exposed to more information and we negotiate directly with vendors on behalf of our client organizations giving us the edge over most others in this field.

Our collective 50+ years in the business and management of IT and all of its processes delivers the “big bang for the buck” that businesses have been searching for.  Without pretense, vendor alliances, or conflicts of interest.  We are the real thing.  We deliver what we promise at a price point that we’ve designed to keep businesses relevant, competitive and more profitable within their markets and amongst their peers.  Our mission is to be given the opportunity to do the same for all of our clients.