VirtuAsset-e™ – Agentless & Web Enabled

Optimizing the money you have allocated to acquire IT assets requires the need to employ easy to use yet sophisticated inventory technologies. VirtuAsset-e™ provides both a data collection tool and the process needed to optimize existing IT assets and eliminate unnecessary purchases in any company.

VirtuAsset-e™ Reporting

Reporting the information contained within any asset management system is fundamental to an efficient and cost effective solution. More so, being able to manage the system by exception to business process rather than the rule saves vast amounts of resource time and money. The exception and rejection processes embedded into VirtuAsset-e are at the heart of the management of all the data flow. Only anomalies will require attention from the asset team.

History of changes to assets also assist with tracking any issues that may occur in the life cycle of that asset (e.g. stolen or lost items). VirtuAsset-e has been built from a business point of view, to assist with the time consuming areas of supplying correct asset information from anywhere in the world or any system to a central repository.

Having the information at your fingers tips as to what the current state of your asset environment is and the information attributed to those assets assist multiple areas within all company types.

History Reporting within VirtuAsset-e

  • VirtuAsset-e tracks the changes associated with any asset within the database (where engaged)
  • Where blue hyper links are displayed on the asset tag, this shows there has been a change to a data element
  • The information displayed on screen will show the exact element (where engaged) and the previous and new values
  • It displays at a high level the current asset attributes at the top of the screen
  • All historic changes are displayed below as per the screen shots.

Query/ Export

  • This section of the VirtuAsset-e  application allows the user to generate reports based on their own criteria
  • The selections can be built in any order the user requires
  • Information will be returned for all asset attributes requested
  • This is based on the current status the asset is in, not the history of the asset
  • Each query can also be saved to be run as a report later
  • Any report that has been produced can be loaded and adjusted as the user requires
  • Reports are saved as:
  • Global – which allows all users to see and run as long as their access gives them permission to view data sets
  • Local – this is only for the specific user to assist in their day to day operation

Exception Reporting

  • VirtuAsset-e  manages all changes via defined business processes. If the data entering the system does not match the customer requirements the information is parked into an Exception table to be investigated. It highlights in red the fields which do not match the customer requirements. If the asset team are able and allowed to fix the issues they can from this module.
  • VirtuAsset-e  tracks the days particular records which have been held in the exception table to assist in the management of increasing the accuracy of data within the Asset System.
  • There may also be instances where it is not practical or process & procedures, including laws, do not allow any changes to be applied except by the person completing the change in the customer environment. Where no change is allowed to be driven by the asset team the record(s) will be rejected to the end user by email. When a record is rejected it drops into a rejections table.
  • Exception numbers are always shown at the right-hand side of the screen to allow constant management no matter what screen you are current in.